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Advisement for my project

Whats something that you would give to cancer patients that is so little and that means a lot.  So really think about that I am giving them memory’s, laughs maybe cry’s. So have you thought about what you would give the cancer patients. This will be giving out to the cancer patients. So what I am doing is creating memory  photo albums. This will hold laughs, shares memory’s, and cry’s. They would want to look back at this over and over and over again. So now you try to something that is your challenge. maCreative Commons Licensef04 via CompfightBreast Cancer Awarenes

20% blog achievements

         What have I accomplish this week? Well what I have accomplished is creating a new timeline. So for my new timeline I have figured that sooner or later I will get in contact to the cancer care team. the cancer care team that I know is st. e and they are wonderful. They take care of their cancer patients very well. So the question I think Im going to ask them is, if I can borrow pictures from patients family

          How am I feeling about this project so far? I am feeling confident about my project because I am doing something that makes me feel happy and others feel happier. But one thing for sure is that my great grandmother  helped me with this project. She has bone cancer so she is also the one that inspired me for this project. I would say that she made this happen.

          What are your plans to accomplish your next deadline from your timeline? The next thing I plan to do is start collecting pictures. If the email does not get answered  I hope that I can talk in person. So then when I have some photos that’s when I will create memory photo albums.

20 % project My thoughts

So what I have accomplished this week was one little thing for the really big part of project. This part would the major top big thing for my project. So any who what I have accomplished for the is getting ready the email to st. Elizabeth hospital to the cancer care team. I have full respect for the cancer care team I would ask them if I would be able to ask a cancer patient family member if I would have some pictures because I would come back with a lovely photo memory album.

The reason why I am doing this is because my great grandmother ( my mentor) has bone cancer all throughout her body. I made her one and every time she looks at it inside and outside she feels happy because smiles 

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20% project elevator pitch blog

What I have accomplished this week is getting ready for my pictures. So I have all of my supplies and I am planning to go to saint Elizabeth and tell them what I am doing and why. Once I do that I will ask there permission If I can borrow photos from cancer patients family. If the patients family says yes I will have  little meeting with and ask some questions. The questions I will ask is like what is a good date for them to give me the pictures. And how I should do it and what order if any.

I am feeling very good about my project so far. I have all of my supplies I am near the third step. But I am a little nervous about talking to the Cancer care team so I will email them.  I have not yet met with my mentor because we both need some time. I hope next week we plan a meeting. I am planning to make 15-20 photo albums.  So by next week I also plan to have 2 done.

20% time project time

What I have accomplished this week is getting all of my supplies and ready for pictures. I am feeling good but also very nervous about my project. A problem that I have ran into is getting the photos. I feel that if I go to saint Elizabeth and explain what I am doing and and why they will except me asking them if I would be able to ask and explain to them want I am doing.



  • Getting ready for the pictures that I need
  • Tell saint elizabeth what I’m doing and why, see If I have permission to gather photos
  • gather photos  and tell people what i’m doing then ask for photo permission
  • Start organizing which photos go into which photo albums
  • Start making memory photo albums  
  • Take a week to do comments on the memory photo albums
  • Finish up comments in photo albums
  • Email that they are done and what Is in them
  • Hand out the final product

My 20% project

I have been working on a 20 % project. If you do not know what that is it is a very big accomplishment. Us sixth graders are to do what we want to accomplish we are not assigned a a project. The things that I had accomplished for my project is getting together all of my supplies. If you are wondering what my project is I am making a memory photo album for the people who have cancer so that they can be happy. Right now I am working on trying to get my pictures for this. What I plan to do next is be able to start creating the photo albums. So if you have any one with cancer in your family speak up. Breast Cancer AwarenesCreative Commons License maf04 via Compfight

Christmas spirit

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I bet everyone’s else is Christmas to. My favorite part about Christmas is getting presents. But I think my most favorite part is hanging out with my family. My most favorite Christmas present was an American girl doll. Now I am so sicked they have wellie wishers. When my family gets together I am so happy. If one of them cant come I always beg them.that is why I like Christmas.

The best present I had was an American girl doll.Last year I got about 40 presents. Not from one house but from the whole family. When I went to my aunts houseRemember Me? I got three Porcelain dolls. When I went my grandmas house I got a magnetic coloring book. It was so awesome I was so happy.

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One year I got pranked one year. My mom only had my brothers presents. I asked my mom wear are my presents. She said Santa forgot me. I so sad but then I walk in my moms bedroom and found a bearded dragon I was so excited. My mom said that there was one more thing. She said it was in my pillow I went to look and it was a giant stuff animal. It was the best Christmas ever.

My Community

Did you know that when you blog you are part of a global group. A global group is a  set to be used on a HubSpot COS landing page, website page, or blogging template. For example Edublogs is part of a global group. Well as you can see I’m part of a global group because I have a blogging template. Know remember that If you are part of a global group you are part of a community.Hard Drive 1Creative Commons License Parker Knight via Compfight

The pros and cons,

The pros and cons of being in global group. well two pros are you having lots of followers.  Also you could have a very good blog that gets lots good comments on. Two cons are you could get hacked. Or people don’t like your blog as much.Those are the pros and cons of being in a global group.

If I were a Principal and teacher for a week

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If I were a teacher for a week here is what I would do. If I was a teacher I would teach social studies. So what I would teach is the celebrations the different countries have. But to keep it calm we would look at the background on how the celebration started. When we were on a slow day I would  cheer the students up by giving them a fun project to do at home. The project would be to look at their heritage and present to the class. That is what I would do if I were a teacher.

If I were a principal for a week I would start a really fun fund raiser. The fun raiser would be that each class would have a money chart. Each time you would raise your account up there would be a special prices . The prices would be to get a class pet,smash a pie on your teacher, or have a day with no homework. Once you raise one thousand dollars as a class you can pick between the prices.That is what I would do if I were a principal. This fun raiser is detected by Boosterthon.

My thoughts about commenting

What I have enjoyed about commenting is that you get to go to other sites and comment on some ones post from other country’s. The thing that is annoying about commenting is putting your URL because you might forget and then your comment might already be posted. I have found very interesting post to comment on like Aggms. I have not been getting comments at all maybe because people are not reading my comments to them. Here are some commenting starters. I can relate this by, another thing to consider is,and this makes me think of. Those are some comment starters.