About Me

Some facts about me. I am a sixth grader and I go to school in Kentucky.I have a big family sibling wise I have two brothers and three sisters.I am the oldest out of all of them.They are  three,six,eight,and ten and I am 11.My most favorite thing to with them is tell jokes and share what has been going on around.My most favorite thing is mostly doing things that are crafty.Like my favorite place to shop for them is at HOBBY LOBBY.That is some facts about me.

What I Like To Do,

I like to read the series The Land Of Stories.It’s really cool you would probably like it to.I also like to draw a lot to like dragons, eyes, and hearts.One thing that really interest me is playing games. My favorite game is racing in car and its really fun and it can get indicting though.Also I love to roller skate and go out side and have fun.I hope you have some of these in common.These are some things I like to do.