20% blog achievements

         What have I accomplish this week? Well what I have accomplished is creating a new timeline. So for my new timeline I have figured that sooner or later I will get in contact to the cancer care team. the cancer care team that I know is st. e and they are wonderful. They take care of their cancer patients very well. So the question I think Im going to ask them is, if I can borrow pictures from patients family

          How am I feeling about this project so far? I am feeling confident about my project because I am doing something that makes me feel happy and others feel happier. But one thing for sure is that my great grandmother  helped me with this project. She has bone cancer so she is also the one that inspired me for this project. I would say that she made this happen.

          What are your plans to accomplish your next deadline from your timeline? The next thing I plan to do is start collecting pictures. If the email does not get answered  I hope that I can talk in person. So then when I have some photos that’s when I will create memory photo albums.

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