20% project elevator pitch blog

What I have accomplished this week is getting ready for my pictures. So I have all of my supplies and I am planning to go to saint Elizabeth and tell them what I am doing and why. Once I do that I will ask there permission If I can borrow photos from cancer patients family. If the patients family says yes I will have  little meeting with and ask some questions. The questions I will ask is like what is a good date for them to give me the pictures. And how I should do it and what order if any.

I am feeling very good about my project so far. I have all of my supplies I am near the third step. But I am a little nervous about talking to the Cancer care team so I will email them.  I have not yet met with my mentor because we both need some time. I hope next week we plan a meeting. I am planning to make 15-20 photo albums.  So by next week I also plan to have 2 done.

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