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20% time project time

What I have accomplished this week is getting all of my supplies and ready for pictures. I am feeling good but also very nervous about my project. A problem that I have ran into is getting the photos. I feel that if I go to saint Elizabeth and explain what I am doing and and why they will except me asking them if I would be able to ask and explain to them want I am doing.



  • Getting ready for the pictures that I need
  • Tell saint elizabeth what I’m doing and why, see If I have permission to gather photos
  • gather photos  and tell people what i’m doing then ask for photo permission
  • Start organizing which photos go into which photo albums
  • Start making memory photo albums  
  • Take a week to do comments on the memory photo albums
  • Finish up comments in photo albums
  • Email that they are done and what Is in them
  • Hand out the final product

My 20% project

I have been working on a 20 % project. If you do not know what that is it is a very big accomplishment. Us sixth graders are to do what we want to accomplish we are not assigned a a project. The things that I had accomplished for my project is getting together all of my supplies. If you are wondering what my project is I am making a memory photo album for the people who have cancer so that they can be happy. Right now I am working on trying to get my pictures for this. What I plan to do next is be able to start creating the photo albums. So if you have any one with cancer in your family speak up. Breast Cancer AwarenesCreative Commons License maf04 via Compfight